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Small Groups Readiness Assessment


  1. Why do you want to start small groups?
  2. What is the senior pastor’s level of commitment?
  3. Is there a dedicated point leader? (“dedicated” as in a person whose portfolio is primarily small groups)
  4. What are the goals for small group ministry at your church?


  1. What small group model will you use?
  2. Have you considered custom adaptations of this model for your congregation? (e.g., meeting frequency, leadership requirements, etc.)
  3. What is your time frame for prep and launch?
  4. What is your plan for bringing staff online with the vision?
  5. Have you budgeted resources for promotion, curriculum, leadership training?
  6. Have you developed a comprehensive assimilation plan?


  1. How will you train new leaders?
  2. What material will you use for training?
  3. Do you have a plan for ongoing leadership training?


  1. If launching with a campaign, do you have the next step in place?
  2. Do you have clear guidelines for accountability in curriculum choices?
  3. Have you made decision on whether or not to purchase supplies for groups? (with the future, larger size of the system in mind)


  1. Initial: do you have plans to create high visibility and redundancy in initial promotion?
  2. Have you recruited core leaders from the congregation?
  3. Ongoing: how will new people learn about and connect with small groups?


  1. How will you assess a leader’s condition?
  2. Will you initiate contact with the leaders or rely on a report from them?
  3. Do you have a clear transition strategy for leaders?


  1. How will you measure success?
  2. How will you collect data?
  3. How will you collect stories?