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Recent Articles: Sunday School

  • A Soldier Has Died

    On a lone weekend day an early A.M. phone call was received that announced the death of a soldier. This particular soldier is not well known and the death followed an all too familiar lament – died in the line of duty.

  • 10 Small Group Questions

    Adult Resource Consultant, Tom Bougher, discusses 10 questions to ask about your small group ministry.

  • 360 Disciple: Communicating for Maturity

    Assistant General Superintendent Alton Garrison begins discussing effective communication from chapter five of his book The 360 Degree Disciple.

  • Growth in Sunday School and Small Groups: An Acts 2 Webinar

    An archive of a webinar event with Dan Stanley that occured on December 4, 2010. This is the third webinar in a series discussing the Acts 2 process and how it incoporates into Sunday School and Small Groups.

  • Sunday School - On Purpose!

    You read it right … Sunday School -On Purpose! This article has been written for the express purpose of getting you to re-evaluate your discipleship processes and weigh the advantages of a Sunday School ministry.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a ministry which continues to be the most popular forum for a systematic study of God’s Word in the church. This approach will normally take place on Sunday mornings (in the church facilities), quite often before the morning service. It can, however, be held on other nights of the week.

Defining Sunday School — A Functional Definition of Sunday School

Sunday School is an essential disciple-making strategy of the Church. As such, Sunday School has proven its effectiveness by teaching biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life.

In order for Sunday School to remain effective in the 21st century, the Church must both reaffirm and retain the essential elements of this disciple-making strategy while also developing flexibility to address the diverse discipling challenges of our fast-paced, pluralistic culture.

Therefore, the Division of Christian Education has written a functional definition of Sunday School. Any Christian Education initiative in the local church that includes all of the following features/characteristics will be considered functionally comparable to Sunday School:

  • The primary purpose is obedient response to the Great Commission: Making disciples who will fulfill the threefold mission of the church —evangelism, worship, and discipleship.

  • The primary strategy is the intentional, systematic, development of leaders who can carry on the work of the ministry in the local church.

  • The primary curriculum is the Bible supported by appropriate teaching resources.

  • The primary process is regular (preferably weekly), systematic teaching of Bible content and doctrine.

  • The primary dynamic is the building of relationships that involve mutual commitment and accountability.

  • The primary structure includes a full range of groups, developed with a sensitivity to culture, needs, interests, and/or life stages.

  • The primary oversight is the responsibility of the pastoral staff and church lay leaders in the local church.

Does your discipleship ministry count as Sunday School? Take our quiz (PDF), or download "Straight Talk About Sunday School" (PDF). Statistics and trends.

Promoting Sunday School in Your Church

You've invested time, money, and prayer into your Sunday School program...but your church doesn't seem to know it exists! Breathe new life into your Sunday School ministry with these Sunday School promotion resources and ideas.

How to Start a Sunday School Ministry in Your Church

You're ready to invest in the vital ministry of Sunday School in your church. Here are some ideas with which you can begin.

  1. "How Do I Start..."
  2. "Helpful Resources..." (PDF)

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Ministering to Adults with Sunday School

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