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  • Children’s Biblical Story Assessment

    Do you want to know what your children know about the Bible? Here is an assessment that is intended to be given to children at end of the 5th grade level and/or leaving the Children’s Church for the Youth group. This 13 question assessment was developed by Tom Bougher to help you evaluate your Discipleship processes.

  • A Soldier Has Died

    On a lone weekend day an early A.M. phone call was received that announced the death of a soldier. This particular soldier is not well known and the death followed an all too familiar lament – died in the line of duty.

  • 10 Small Group Questions

    Adult Resource Consultant, Tom Bougher, discusses 10 questions to ask about your small group ministry.

  • 360 Disciple: Communicating for Maturity

    Assistant General Superintendent Alton Garrison begins discussing effective communication from chapter five of his book The 360 Degree Disciple.

  • 360 Disciple: Leadership Wrap-Up

    Alton Garrison wraps up his discussion on leadership as he finishes going through chapter 4 of the 360 Degree Disciple.

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Fri, 19 Feb 2010 - 3:54 PM CST

Discipling Articles

Relationships Poster: “Love God/Love Others”
Have you ever heard it said that discipleship is all about relationships? This visually stunning poster expresses the importance of our relationship with God and with others. This FREE resource is available for download. Can be used in a variety of ways, including websites, bulletins, newsletters, banners, posters, and more.

Mentoring to Maturity by Lynn N. Austin
How to nudge new believers out of the nest.

Who Is A Disciplemaker? by David Bok
How must we focus our energies in order to make our life count in the Christ-inspired task of making disciples? Here are some of the marks of those who succeed.

Learning to Talk to God by Lee Brase.
How to use the Scriptures to launch a young believer into prayer.

Who, Me? Make Disciples? by Lee Brase
Almost everyone feels inadequate to disciple others. But seeing disciplemaking as a relationship liberates us to try. The key is not in the technique but in the heart.

Purposeful Proximity–Jesus’ Model of Mentoring by Alicia Britt Chole
How can women who are called to the ministry follow Jesus’ mentoring example in a culture where value and productivity are married and where the visible and measurable are applauded?

Disciplemaking in a Postmodern World by Earl Creps
The postmodern is biblically illiterate, skeptical, unconvinced that truth exists in absolute terms, and personally adrift, but it is possible to reach and disciple these new kinds of people. Among postmoderns, we must "be" the church rather than trying to "do" church. There are no "experts" in this field of disciplemaking; only fellow-learners.

What Are You Passing On? by Craig Dunham
How to avoid multiplying your weaknesses in those you disciple.

How I Do One-to-One by Joan Esherick
There are more ways to disciple than you might realize.

In His Steps: Following God’s Lead In Helping People Grow by Alice Fryling
We can’t make people follow God, but there are some things we can do in partnership with the Holy Spirit to influence them.

"One PLANTs One" Seminar by James Hall. Through this seminar you will discover ways your church can build non-believer discipling through friendship and new-believer discipling through coaching.

Teaching like Jesus by Roger Hamilton
Three ways to reinforce the lessons disciples learn

Discipling by Design by Kathy Holkeboer
Ever tried to disciple someone who just didn’t get it? Try speaking their language as you help them grow.

Beginning with the End in Mind by Adam R. Holz
Why open-ended discipling is not always the best plan

The Greatest Test Of Faith by Bill Hull
Making disciples is a rough road requiring the highest degree of faith.

I’ve Got You Under My Thumb… And Other Distorted Views Of Accountability by Jeff Jernigan
Some commonly held assumptions about accountability can lead to destructive relationships

The Making of a Nonconformist by Kathy Kelly
How can you help new believers discern what they should leave behind?

Helpful Hints For The First-Time Investor by Sherri Langton
You can disciple a young Christian, even if you’ve never done it before.

Disciple Abuse by Gordon MacDonald
Where the potential for good is great, so is the potential for harm. How can you avoid destructive discipling relationships?

So Many Christian Infants by Gordon MacDonald
Why are we so good at leading people to faith and so bad at prodding them to maturity?

Contagious Love by Cindi McMenamin
How can we pass along a passion for God to those we disciple?

Discipling: More Than Meets the Ear by W. Stanley Mooneyham

Why Make Disciples? by Waylon B. Moore
Waylon B. Moore wrote Multiplying Disciples: The New Testament Method for Church Growth for pastors and lay leaders who want believers to grow in quantity and quality. The following excerpt from this new book discloses some of his observations about the unique effectiveness of disciplemaking in the work of the church.

Discipling from the Heart by Scott Morton
You don’t need to have it all together to help someone grow.

When Disciples Behave Badly by Scott Morton
How to confront a protégé who needs spiritual correction

We’re In This Together by Robert N. Nielsen
Discipleship isn’t something we do to people as much as it’s something we are with them.

How To Pass On Your Convictions by Jim Petersen
Creative follow-up has these ingredients: We first do our homework by developing our own strong convictions. We make use of the dynamic forces of a transparent personal relationship and the word of God. We exercise creative timing by getting our cues from God.

Cookie-Cutter Discipleship? by Randy D. Raysbrook
We need to treat the people we disciple as the unique individuals they are.

Making Disciples: Four Churches, Four Plans by Dean Ridings
How congregations from California to Iowa are effectively helping people grow to maturity in Christ.

Worth The Time And Trouble by John Ed Robertson
You can have a lasting influence on someone who wants your help in living for Christ. Here are a few important principles to guide your approach.

A Heart For Individuals by Lorne C. Sanny
Only God can open your heart to recognize the worth and significance of every individual. Then you’ll be willing to invest yourself in one out of a crowd.

Make The Most Of Your Memories by Charity Singleton
Remembering our experiences of salvation and growth plays an important role in helping young believers grow.

Out Of The Nursery, Into The World by Robert J. Tamasy
What do you do with a baby Christian?

Discipling Like Jesus by Dirk C. Van Zuylen
Four dynamics that change disciple’s lives

Love Lessons by Dirk C. Van Zuylen
How to care for those we disciple as Jesus would

"Excuse Me, Whose Baby Is This?" by Milton Wiest
Here are four ways to help a new Christian grow up.

The Proactive Discipler by Fred H. Wevodau
Are you fighting fires or building foundations?

"Am I Your Project?" by Doug Wendel
How to show genuine care for those we disciple

Friendship With A Purpose by Jerry White
One-to-one discipling gives growing believers not only some important training and guidance, but a new friendship at a time when they really desire it.

Tools For The Task by Jerry White
Four places disciplers can turn for help

Motivation: For a Lifetime of Disciplemaking by Jim White
Seeing an example, observing the need, achieving success—all this can motivate us in the work of helping others grow as disciples. But better motivations are: the love of God filling our heart, our own desire to grow, God’s word embraced in our mind, our longing to see God glorified.

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