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  • Children’s Biblical Story Assessment

    Do you want to know what your children know about the Bible? Here is an assessment that is intended to be given to children at end of the 5th grade level and/or leaving the Children’s Church for the Youth group. This 13 question assessment was developed by Tom Bougher to help you evaluate your Discipleship processes.

  • A Soldier Has Died

    On a lone weekend day an early A.M. phone call was received that announced the death of a soldier. This particular soldier is not well known and the death followed an all too familiar lament – died in the line of duty.

  • 10 Small Group Questions

    Adult Resource Consultant, Tom Bougher, discusses 10 questions to ask about your small group ministry.

  • 360 Disciple: Communicating for Maturity

    Assistant General Superintendent Alton Garrison begins discussing effective communication from chapter five of his book The 360 Degree Disciple.

  • 360 Disciple: Leadership Wrap-Up

    Alton Garrison wraps up his discussion on leadership as he finishes going through chapter 4 of the 360 Degree Disciple.

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Thu, 09 Oct 2008 - 12:42 PM CST

Follow-up Articles

Dawson Trotman On Follow-Up - Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, had a consuming desire to see new Christians grow into faithful, consistent followers of Jesus Christ.

Four Faces of Follow-Up - There’s more than one way to disciple a new Christian.

Self-Check For Follow-Up  - Questions to ask yourself as you consider how to follow up with the new believers you are discipling.

Follow-Up: Person to Person by Richard A. Cleveland
In following Paul’s example of helping others grow spiritually, you are sometimes a mother, sometimes a father, sometimes a brother.

Getting Specific by Leroy Eims
Training objectives help you focus your follow-up and evaluate its effectiveness for the person you are helping.

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