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  • Children’s Biblical Story Assessment

    Do you want to know what your children know about the Bible? Here is an assessment that is intended to be given to children at end of the 5th grade level and/or leaving the Children’s Church for the Youth group. This 13 question assessment was developed by Tom Bougher to help you evaluate your Discipleship processes.

  • A Soldier Has Died

    On a lone weekend day an early A.M. phone call was received that announced the death of a soldier. This particular soldier is not well known and the death followed an all too familiar lament – died in the line of duty.

  • 10 Small Group Questions

    Adult Resource Consultant, Tom Bougher, discusses 10 questions to ask about your small group ministry.

  • 360 Disciple: Communicating for Maturity

    Assistant General Superintendent Alton Garrison begins discussing effective communication from chapter five of his book The 360 Degree Disciple.

  • 360 Disciple: Leadership Wrap-Up

    Alton Garrison wraps up his discussion on leadership as he finishes going through chapter 4 of the 360 Degree Disciple.

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Thu, 19 Mar 2009 - 11:28 AM CST


Here are resources to help you create a safety net for new converts and to provide dynamic resources for this important and sometimes neglected ministry.

New Believer’s Bibles

FIREBIBLE Student Edition (NIV)

Great tool for the new believer as it offers clear and easy to understand background and overview of every Bible book, over 80 key issue articles, thorough study notes, and practical training on Christian living and outreach. It tracks 20 major themes through Scripture and includes a simple, detailed cross-reference system, and nearly 50 easy-to-read charts, illustrations and maps. Plus, the commentary is written from a Pentecostal perspective. Also available are the free online FIREBIBLE Fire Starters, daily devotionals designed to help individuals, small groups and families study the New Testament in one year, or simply select the Fire Starter that corresponds to whatever you are reading on any given day.


Witness Edition Bible, NIV

Complete NIV Bible ideally priced for evangelism and missionary use. A special insert provides new believers with suggestions on how to read and enjoy the Bible. Also includes New Testament world map, table of weights and measures, and presentation page.

New Believer’s Bible New Testament, NLT

Uniquely designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. Perfect gift for evangelism or for new Christians looking for an instructional and devotional Bible. Features include: clear, accurate New Living translation, four devotional reading tracks, how to study the Bible, how you can know God, topical index.

New Believer’s Guidebooks

The New Believer’s Handbook

Get new believers off to a great start with this guide for the first weeks of their spiritual journey. Short chapters share insights on topics like prayer and being filled with the Holy Spirit as well as a daily Bible reading guide and study questions from the Book of Mark. Adapted from Now What? A Guidebook for New Christians. (Mentor’s companion product listed separately under Leadership Training).

Following Christ by Randy Hurst (an updated version of Guidance for Life detailed product info)

Designed for new Christians, this 5-day devotional discusses salvation, Bible study, prayer, the Church, and witnessing. Each lesson provides study questions and a reading assignment from the included Gospel of Mark. Paper. The online version is free and may be linked to your church’s website (linking info).

Your New Life in Christ by Michael H. Clarensau

Self-study discipleship program designed for new Christians. Teaches fundamental principles of Christian life, introduces God’s Word as the source of faith and conduct, explains that prayer is communion with God, and promotes a daily time of devotion and communion with God.

StartUp Studies

A 20 page, 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" booklet with four brief lessons for new Christian growth adapted from Lessons 1-2 in The Harvester’s Handbook - New Christian Manual. Includes abbreviated training on friendship evangelism and friendship discipling.

7 Steps in the Right Direction (PDF/Print version)

This free, downloadable resource is designed to be printed (printing and collating instructions) to make into a booklet for distribution to new converts. A space is provided on the back cover for you to place your church’s information. Also available is our online version that you may link with your church’s website. Please note that the text is copyrighted and may not be excerpted for any purpose.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Filled with practical suggestions for the new convert. Discusses the changes in a believer’s life following conversion and such Christian responsibilities as baptism, tithing, and church attendance. Combines individual tracts making up the Now That I’m a Christian series.

Bible Basics for New Believers

Click here to read the tract text.

Now What? A Guidebook for New Christians by Ralph W. Harris

This booklet helps converts build a firm faith and foundation. Explains the salvation experience and talks about the Bible, prayer, and God’s will.

Now What? For Kids

Give your new believers this small, practical guidebook. It answers basic questions on what to do now, understanding the Bible, being a better Christian, and God’s will. Each chapter has a Bible reading, devotional, study questions, and a memory verse. Also has tips on Christian growth, Bible study, and developing a prayer cycle. Written from a Pentecostal perspective.

Bible Studies for New Believers

Rock Solid One: Growing Through Knowing by David Donaldson

It’s one thing to teach new believers the fundamentals of faith and quite another to plug them into the community of relationships that represents your church. Now you can do both at once. Rock Solid is an 8-lesson Christian living course that recognizes the power relationships have to keep recent converts growing and coming back. Thoroughly proven, Rock Solid is one of the most successful resources for church growth available today. Rock Solid One teaches students how to build a relationship with God, pray, understand and study the Bible, and apply the Bible to life. Student / Leader Guide sold separately. Student / Leader Guide available.

Rock Solid Two: Growing Through Becoming by David Donaldson

It’s one thing to teach new believers the fundamentals of faith and quite another to plug them into the community of relationships that represents your church. Now you can do both at once. Rock Solid is an 8-lesson Christian living course that recognizes the power relationships have to keep recent converts growing and coming back. Thoroughly proven, Rock Solid is one of the most successful resources for church growth available today. Rock Solid two teaches students about tithing, spiritual gifts, overcoming temptation, baptism, Communion, and discipleship. Student / Leader Guide available.

5 Steps to Making Disciples by Bill Bright

Step-by-step instructions show how to pass basic spiritual principles on to others through discipling and mentoring new believers. This study can be used for one-on-one discipleship, leadership evangelism training in your church, or a neighborhood Bible study group. Five lessons. Student / Leader Guide available.



Leadership Training

The New Believer’s Friend Handbook

Mentor’s companion book to The New Believer’s Handbook. Includes the dos and don’ts for spiritual parenting, lesson outlines for each chapter of The New Believer’s Handbook, and full text and answers to study questions.

Working at God’s Altar by Don Nordin

You’ll be amazed by how the quality of your altar workers can make a huge difference in your church. Understand the role of altar ministry, identify altar workers, and fully develop their potential with this life-changing ministry guide. "No ministry in the life of the corporate church has as much potential to make an eternal difference in a person’s life as does the altar service." Available to order is the Book (Item #501), Student Manual (Item #601), Leader’s Guide (Item #701), or Video series in VHS or DVD, or the entire set.


Water Baptism

Water Baptism Tract

Tract that encourages water baptism. Unfolded.


Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A/G Our Distinctive Doctrine

Great for both new and mature Christians, this brochure gets in-depth about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It starts at the beginning, Acts 2, and briefly describes the history of the Pentecostal movement. Then it provides answers to the 20 most common questions believers have about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

A/G Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The perfect gift for any believer seeking to understand who the Holy Spirit is and why we need Him in our lives. This brochure teaches believers the difference between the gifts and fruit of the Spirit with an explanation of each.

Holy Spirit and You Tract

Clarifies who the Spirit is, why God wants believers to be filled, and how to receive the baptism in the Spirit.

Have You Received the Holy Spirit? Tract

Focuses on the need for being baptized in the Spirit.

The Helper by Randy Hurst

Exploring the Scriptures in everyday language, The Helper is a comprehensive but simple introduction to the Holy Spirit. It gives practical insights concerning our need for the fullness of the Spirit in every aspect of Christian living and instruction concerning how to receive the Holy Spirit Baptism. And it is especially helpful to people from non-Pentecostal backgrounds. This group study guide contains the complete text of The Helper along with additional Scriptures and discussion questions for Sunday School classes and small groups. Contains the following Chapter titles: The Promise of Power, The Helper, What "Power" Means, Power for Purpose, The Spirit’s Instrument, The Spirit’s Voice, Tug of War, Spiritual Gifts, Four Purposes of Tongues, Seeking. Gift Book / Study Guide available.

Expecting the Miraculous DVD (also available are free online resources)

The fullness of the Spirit overflows in hopeful anticipation that God will act in our lives as He promised. This 5-minute video teaches how, through an intentional dependence on the Holy Spirit, we can receive what Jesus promised His first followers—a fervent, living faith that enables us to expect the miraculous. Also included on this DVD are the previous year’s Holy Spirit Emphasis videos: The Helper, Seeking the Spirit, Praying in the Spirit, Living with Power, and Power for Purpose.

Want More? by Tim Enloe

Experience greater spiritual intimacy and power through the Holy Spirit Baptism. God wants to saturate you in His Holy Spirit! Want More? presents the baptism in the Holy Spirit in a biblically clear and uncomplicated way while using language that targets our post-modern culture. Special attention is given to disarming faulty pre- conceived ideas about the Spirit and His work and to the actual process of receiving.

Kid Power! by Tim and Rochelle Enloe

Kid Power! presents the baptism in the Holy Spirit to elementary school aged children in a biblically clear and uncomplicated way. Simple teaching metaphors are used to present each concept as the reader is brought to understand the Holy Spirit and receive His power.

Recommended Books

New Convert Care Resource Ministries

New Christian Life Ministries

"prepares the saints for the work of" personal witness and one-on-one discipling of new believers.(Eph.4:12) Founder and director Jim Hall, an Assemblies of God U.S. missionary, does onsite training and provides published resources that empower believers to be fruitful in winning the lost and discipling the found - until the new ones are also winning and discipling.

Jonathan Gainsbrugh Ministries

Reverend Jonathan Gainsbrugh is a veteran, ordained Assemblies of God minister, full-time “equipping” missionary, teacher, evangelist, consultant and resource specialist. His life-call is to help pastors and churches maximize their God-given potential by equipping them to “work smarter, not harder.” Focusing mainly on the issue of relationships, this site offers resources and advice for pastors and church leaders.

Resource Recommendations and Submissions

Please email us to recommend new believer’s products.