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7 Dimensions of a Spirit- Filled Disciple

7 Dimensions of a Spirit-Filled Disciple


Holy Spirit






A Spirit-empowered disciple is a lifelong follower of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the One who disciples us. He forms the character of Christ in believers and helps disciples reproduce them- selves by leading others in that same character formation process. All Spirit-empowered disciples are called to dimensions that identify us as disciples, deepen our relationship with Jesus, and strengthen our effectiveness in making disciples.

The word used in the New Testament for disciple means learner or follower. Jesus’ method of making disciples differed radically from the culture of His time: Greek culture deposited information and expected people to change. But Jesus, true to the Hebrew method of the rabbis, lived life with His disciples, teaching them by example. This is our model: living like Christ in community as He forms us into Spirit-led, life- long learners and followers.


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